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Adapting to Quarantine Beauty

Updated: May 6, 2020

 Unless you live in Georgia or in a time travel world where a vaccine is available, most of us will not be visiting a salon any time soon. Even as shelter in place restrictions are lifted, waiting in line to get your temperature checked, no blowout because the air could possibly spread the germs, and an overall impossibility of getting an appointment may be too much of a hassle for you right now. Salons are meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, not another trip to the pharmacy or grocery store. At this point in time in California, Governor Newsom has said Salons and Gyms are looking at a few more months until opening.

Just as we have in the last few weeks, we will have to look at ways we can do without or get by. Here are a few great products to help tide you over until life returns to some sort what of a semblance of normal. If you notice, NO where on my product recommendations will you see box dye hair color. Please take this recommendation seriously, as stripping  non professional chemicals out of your hair by stylists who are not trained in box dye, will be damaging on the integrity of your hair and your bank account.

bang trim help

Ask your stylist if she is doing Facetime tutorials or see if she would be willing to give you some pointers on ways to maintain your look. She of all people know the idiosyncrasies of your hairline, cowlicks and texture on how to get your bangs to lay right. If your stylist is not offering these services- check out Jayne Matthew’s Instagram account. Being the front runner educator of the razor shag cut, she has found creative ways to teach clients and stylists the perfect way to manage the chaos on your forehead.

wash your hair less 

If you're hoping to avoid the stress and frustration of dodging carts at Costco or other drugstores, you may have already switched over to buying many of your coveted cosmetics online. What if I told you there is a new way to wash your hair AND manage to save money because you can go longer without washing your hair? This shampoo acts as a conditioning agent as well so, again, not having to buy a conditioner is going to help keep the down your hair product budget.

 Hairstory advertises that the time between purchases with New Wash is = 82 days That’s only 3-4 bottles a year. How is it possible that this shampoo can eliminate over-production of oil (which is why you need to wash your hair more frequently)? Well, they don't use parabens or sulfates which is a major problem with Shampoos on the market today.
toning shampoo
& root touch up spray
By now, you are probably past the point of no return and I suspect that I am not saving you from  jumping off the cliff of coloring your own hair. But, perhaps if I am able to persuade you here are some temporary toning shampoos that will replenish shine and pigment to your hair.  Also Oribe has some great root touch up sprays that will camouflage grey hair.

clear skin

Being sans make up is healing your skin! The silver lining of staying inside means less junk is clogging your pores from make up and pollution  but in the meantime, you are painfully aware of every blemish. Serovital HGH is an excellent supplement for clearing up the skin without harsh benzoyl peroxides or salcylic acids that dry up your skin.

static nails

We are well past the picking and chipping at grown out gel and acrylic nails mile marker. If you haven't found what works by now, it's simple. Acetone, although extremely time consuming, it is the only thing that will budge off the artificial nail. Saturating the nail in acetone by wrapping foil around your fingers and letting them sit will help eat away the product. However, if you are still having a hard time baring your naked nails, a quick fix option is reverting back to the press on nail. While we know that this is not the best case scenario, Static Nails at least offers a wide variety of colors in this seasons trend and gives you options on the nail shape you prefer.
less mess wax kit

At home wax kits are notorious for being finicky and fussy. Microwaves can nuke them too hot and then waiting for them to cool can harden the wax too fast making a sticky  useless mess. But we are talking temporary situations, and adapting to the things we can control. Control the chaos of at home waxing kits by purchasing ready to use strips.

brush cleaner

The disinfectant/ UV light may not be the best topic in America right now, as in regards to killing the Coronavirus in a body, BUT we do know what IS effective at killing bacteria in cosmetics. Are you taking this time as an opportunity to discard expired mascaras, sanitize your brushes and organize your kit? Now is one of the most important times to get in the habit of consistently cleaning your products that are petri dishes of microbes, especially if you have clients that you use them on. Cinema Secrets makes my favorite brush cleaner because the scent is lovely and it helps preserve the quality of the make up brush after multiple uses. Using rubbing alcohol can help disinfect but can also loosen the glue in the binding of your brush over time. Wanna get high tech fancy? Try this new UV sanitizer for make up brushes by Brushean.


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