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How to achieve best hair and make up results on your wedding day

These simple beauty tips will help deliver your best results for your wedding day

*Ditch the “dirty hair” myth

Yes, hair can hold style better when it has more texture and not perfectly clean; but this is the exception not the rule. Stylists now have so many powders and prepping products to prime the hair that it is so much nicer to do a gorgeous hairstyle on a fresh scalp than an oil slick that has to absorb so much dry shampoo that your hair looks talcy and dull. You will be more comfortable during your day, if there is not yesterday’s second hand smoke from bbqs, your great Uncle’s cigar lingering in your locks from the rehearsal dinner or even from exposure to any air pollution.

If you are having a summer wedding, you will sweat and open pores secret even more oils so make sure your hair is washed and dried the morning of the wedding before your stylist arrives.

Shop texture sprays to play:

*Clear eyes

Because you will most likely be sporting false lashes for the day, you may have irritated, dry eyes naturally or because of dehydration from wine, stress and lack of sleep. You will be so much happier if your eyes are not bloodshot or dry after poking and prodding and powdering them. The week before your wedding drink as much water as possible and be mindful of the celebratory champagne because alcohol depletes the moisture in your skin and eyes, and you want to look as fresh and doe like as possible!

*Clean Face

To back up the oil slick hair, this applies to the skin as well. Wash your face thoroughly before your make-up application. It is much better to have a fresh clean palette than to be battling some of yesterday’s waterproof mascara flakes. If you are naturally prone to oily skin this is an absolute must! If you are on the drier side of the spectrum, it is better that you have dried clean skin, because the artist can put moisture back into the skin with all those fancy salves, primers and rose water hydration spritz.

Favorite cleansers for a fresh face-

*Purchase a lipsick/ liner/ lipgloss for your day

During the trial the with your make up artist, she will select a color to compliment your look and achieve your desired result but you will be talking, toasting, roasting under the sun all day. Even if the artist applies the longest lasting wear, you will want to touch up with your own color and powder throughout the day and night. So go to Sephora or Mac to pick out the one and have a bridesmaid have it on hand during photos, after dinner, etc. If you select airbrush makeup you most likely won’t need to touch up your face but having a setting powder on hand is important if you start to feel shiny!

Choose your color here:

*Extensions/ hair pieces

The picture you give your stylist for inspiration off pinterest most likely has a filler doughnut or extension piece in it to keep full and volumptious. Be realistic, if you have fine hair and don’t want a lot of teasing, consider buying a set of clip in extensions for the day. Whatever chemical they treat the extension hair with, prolongs the wear of the curls so if you are wearing your hair down it is highly recommended to wear clip in extensions. This is just the law of gravity, your hair will fall during the course of the 10 hour day.

Shop Clip in extensions


If you are dying to have your own natural hair long and desire it to be thicker and longer without clip in extensions, the most inexpensive route is to buy a bottle of Biotin at the drugstore or get on a hair system with Oribe Serene which will detox your scalp and produce new hair growth with their botanically infused hair regrowth line.

Click here for thinning hair saviors-

*Keep inspiration photos to a minimum

If you don’t know what you want for your look; your hairstylist can’t help if you show her 20 different Hair and Makeup by Steph looks. And another 20 pictures from The Knot of makeup ideas that are all completely different looks. A good amount amount of inspiration photos is 5.

*Know your number

How many services do you need besides yourself? A lot of brides find their artist, but can’t get a final count because they don’t know if the sister in law is interested in hair or makeup or both. And sometimes this number changes within the few months before your wedding. To avoid losing your date, let your artist know right away your final count so she can find an assistant if the number is more than 4-5. So before you book your trial, already be asking your bridal party who is in for hair and makeup.

*Eyebrows wax, trimmed cuticles

Lastly, don’t forget to pluck or if you wax, get in with the Benefit Brow Bar. If you are prone to breaking out after waxing services, plan ahead to avoid blemishes on the big day, a manicure and pedicure and a haircut will have you feeling fresh but also your hair will style better, and have less fly-aways than if you have screaming split ends refusing to be pinned down!

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