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Virtual Beauty

As we all are adjusting and modifying to a new way of living, I have spent shelter in place trying to be productive and resourceful in finding new ways to stream my creativity, artistry and experience in writing. An avenue that has made itself available to me, was that I interviewed and was picked out of thousands of applicants to test a beta platform as a Virtual Beauty Advisor for BeautyTap.

Welcome to this new world of beauty. As businesses begin to reopen, and your local Sephora no longer carries testers anymore due to sanitation/compliance concerns, how will you navigate finding the best cosmetic match that is right for you?

BeautyTap is a new touch free way to find assistance with cosmetics easily shipped to your door. And we all know what a relief that is, as if; phone, keys, wallet… wasn’t already a chore. Mask, hand-sanitizer, gloves, oof.. I love my beauty products and aimlessly perusing the aisles at Ulta, but I wanna keep my stress to a minimum. That means, I like to stay home unless the La Croix is out.

BeautyTap offers many incentives with purchase, generous samples before committing to a purchase and has the best innovative skincare products on the market with a strong K beauty influence.

I’m excited to share this new potential journey as a new way to interact in lieu of our love for looking and feeling good but also staying healthy. If you’re like me at all, and have struggled with the humanity vs. vanity argument, I think this is one of the best solutions to the conundrum; the less we go out and expose others/ risk our health and theirs.. Reduce our carbon footprint, yet we are still able to access the quality products we love safely and with the knowledge and guidance to give us confidence in our purchases.

My goal is to write product reviews of the many luxury products that BeautyTap has to offer. This will also help me to build my writing portfolio as I hope to phase back into my ultimate goal of being a Beauty Editor/ Freelance writer. I want to invite you to set up your BeautyTap profile to support my new journey.

Even if virtual beauty isn’t of interest to you, please take a moment to be a part of the launch that may be a pioneer in a new social media platform for cosmetics. Also I need ten followers to be official LOL

Please make a profile and follow me at

When you create your log in*, you will be prompted to create a profile including your personal skin type needs. Don’t forget to follow me!

Thanks for your support and I hope to see ya on the web!

*This is a completely free service, you will not be asked for any money unless you choose to buy a product.

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